Trainer, Seminar for Jurists of the Constitutional Court of Indonesia, The Hague University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Law, The Hague, Netherlands (by invitation from the Constitutional Court), November 2019  

Co-Speaker, Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in an Age of Exits, The Hague University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Law, The Hague, Netherlands, presentation of a paper on economic rights with one of my interns, social and cultural in Canada, November 2019

President of the Panel, Domestic Use of International Law : Views of Europe and North America, University of Montreal, Faculty of Law, November 2019

Speaker, EnJeu et les Changements Climatiques, University of Montreal, Montreal, October 2019

Speaker, International Criminal Law Workshop, Western University, Faculty of Law, presentation of the SSHRC research project, September 2019

Speaker, Beyond State Responsibility: the Liability of Individuals for Internationally Wrongful Acts, Annual Conference of the Four Societies of International Law, Waseda University , Tokyo, June 2018

Presenter,Symposium on the book “Tyranny Comes Home”, Mercatus Center, George Mason University, August 2018

Presenter, Association for the Study of Nationalities Annual Conference, Columbia University, New York, May 2018

Speaker, Rethinking Transitional Justice: What Does It Mean Today ?, Oxford University, June 2017

Speaker, Confederation: Past, Present and Future, University of Montreal, May 2017

Co-speaker, Constitution 150: The Charter and Emerging Issues in Constitutional Rights and Freedoms: 1982 to 2032, University of Ottawa, March 2017

Participant, Rule of Law Seminar for Law Professors, Center for Law and Economics, George Mason University, January 2017

Speaker, Annual seminar on international criminal law, University of Western Australia, September 2016

Speaker, Institute of Law and Economics for Professors of Law, Center of Law and Economics, Université George Mason, July 2016

Speaker, Investment Migration: Making Sense of the Trend, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies and Investment Migration Council, June 2016

Speaker, Roundtable on the ‘Refugee Crisis’, Lakehead University, March 2016

Speaker, The ‘delegitimization of war’, The Hague Conference on Private International Law, October 2014

Speaker, The International Court of Justice, multiple presentations (in French, English, Portuguese), 2012 - 2014

Speaker, The International Courts of The Hague, Faculty of Law, Fundação Getúlio Vargas University (Brazil), August 2012

Speajer, The work of the International Criminal Court, International Criminal Court, April - December 2010

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