Ph.D. in Law, Leiden University                                                   

Thesis title: "Reparations for International Crimes and the Development of a Civil Dimension of International Criminal Justice", supervised by the Vice-Dean Larissa van den Herik and Professor Carsten Stahn. Thesis successfully defended and accepted unanimously and without corrections by the external jury.


Master's in Law (LL.M.), Law Faculty, Université de Montréal


Master's in Law (LL.M.), Law Faculty, Harvard University     

Thesis title: "The Analogy Between Piracy and Human Trafficking : a Theoretical Framework for the Application of Universal Jurisdiction", supervised by the Dean Martha Minow.


Master's in Law(LL.M.), Law Faculty, Cambridge University

Thesis title: "Victims’ Participatory Rights Within the International Criminal Court : a Critical Overview", supervised by Professor Roger O’Keefe.


Bachelor's of Law (LL.B.), Law Faculty, Université de Montréal

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