Publication du livre « Realizing Reparative Justice for International Crimes: from Theory to Practice »

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La professeure Miriam Cohen a publié son livre «Realizing Reparative Justice for International Crimes: from Theory to Practice», auprès de la prestigieuse Cambridge University Press, avec une préface de l’Honorable Cançado Trindade, juge à la Cour internationale de justice. L’ouvrage propose une analyse critique des différents mécanismes de réparation pour les crimes internationaux et avance une nouvelle théorie de justice internationale. 


This book provides a timely and systematic study of reparations in international criminal justice, going beyond a theoretical analysis of the system established at the International Criminal Court (ICC). It originally engages with recent decisions and filings at the ICC relating to reparation and how the criminal and reparative dimensions of international criminal justice can be reconciled. This book is equally innovative in its extensive treatment of the significant challenges of adjudicating on reparations, and proposing recommendations based on concrete experiences. With recent and imminent decisions from the ICC, and developments in national courts and beyond, Miriam Cohen provides a critical analysis of the theory and emerging jurisprudence of reparations for international crimes, their impact on victims and stakeholders.

Le livre est disponible sur le site de la Cambridge University Press

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